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For those of you who have not yet…

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At the Google I/O developer conference earlier in May, Google Cloud announced the global launch of Vertex AI, a machine learning (ML) platform that enables enterprises to provide faster deployment and management of artificial intelligence (AI) models. With Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) on Vertex AI, the amount of code required to train a model is reduced by approximately 80% compared to competing platforms, allowing engineers at every level to utilize the technology to increase output in all phases of a software project.

It is Vertex AI’s commitment to have an environment that allows companies to see research and development frameworks…

Ask anyone from the IT industry or anyone who observes the IT industry to name the top trends in the industry which they see, You will inevitably hear from everyone many different things on the theme of cloud computing. In particular, you can notice everyone will talk about multi-cloud computing.

Multi-cloud computing is simple that companies are choosing to use different cloud services such as Google’s GCP, Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, etc. …

In JavaScript, Promise’s are the foundation of async/await.

Lets take up an example, consider the below code, This will create a Promise that resolves with a message after 3 seconds:

const p = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
setTimeout(() => {
resolve("A happy hippo hopped and hiccupped")
}, 3000)

async function, the await on the Promise above, so after 3 seconds you receive the message:

// This is an async function, which can contain "await" statements inside
async function MyFunc() {
// Create the Promise
const p = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {…

WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. Implement your performance-critical stuff in wasm and import it like a standard JavaScript module.WebAssembly code defines an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) represented in a binary format. Browsers will understand the binary format, which means we’ll be able to compile binary bundles that compress smaller than the text JavaScript we use today. Smaller payloads mean faster delivery. Depending on compile-time optimization opportunities, WebAssembly bundles may run faster than JavaScript, tooooooo!

Go is an imperative, statically typed, compiled programming language first developed at Google by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer…

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A pattern describes a Challange that happens over and another time in the environment, so describes the core of the answer thereto challenge, in such how that you simply will use this resolution a Tillion times over, without doing the same things twice.

In application development,it is important to focus on the strategy of constructing, associating application in a very healthy, very strong, and easily maintainable approach, patterns offer a way of giving names to solutions for common challenges. These solutions can vary from abstract to really precise and technical and allow developers to effectively communicate with each other.


JAM stands for JavaScript, APIs, and markup. Primarily you build the principles for the generator in JavaScript, use Apis to access data either remote or local, and write markup to style the aesthetic. JAMstack isn’t a conventional stack where every letter may be a specific technology — however rather a shift in style design. Now, your website is generated before publishing, making a static website rather than one that must be virtually designed for each viewer anytime it’s requested. …

The world of programming language is always evolving and growing. Innovative technologies are regularly introduced to satisfy the rising demands of companies and users.The challange is to, choose the proper programming language for a wares. All enterprise companites choose a Tech stack whish could be a programming languages, tools and frameworks that the developers use to form web and mobile applications. Hence, it’s essential to investigate various relevant factors before you select it. …

There are many ways to define functions in JavaScript.
The usual way is by using the function keyword

First way

// Function Declaration
function greeting(name){
return `Hi, ${name}!`;
// Function Expression
const greeting = function(name) {
return `Hi, ${name}`;

The function declaration and function expression This will be referred as a regular function. Available from ES2015, is the arrow function syntax:

The second way

const greeting = (name) => {
return `Hi, ${name}!`;

While both the above defines a function, now the question comes when will you choose one over the other.

Let's discuss the difference between…

The latest version of the JavaScript runtime Node.js. Node.js 14 Officially relased April 21, 2020 will replace Node.js 13 on the current release line where it will remain the ‘Current’ release for the next 6 months until Long Term Support(LTS) support arrives in October 2020.

What is new in nodejs 14

Diagnostic Report goes Stable, V8 upgraded to V8 8.1,Experimental Async Local Storage API,Streams,Experimental Web Assembly System Interface, Removal of Experimental Modules Warning, New compiler and platform minimums, Call to action

Diagnostic Report

The diagnostic report that was added as an experimental feature in Node.js 12 has been included in…

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